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You deserve the very best in quality and service. We offer 100% unconditional guarantee on all of our flowers and gifts. If at any time you are not completely happy, please do let us know so we can rectify any errors that may of occurred. We are fully committed to serve your flower or gift needs and have a dedicated team who will go that extra mile to ensure your full satisfaction that you really deserve.

Cut flowers are perishable and should be accepted and unpacked at the time of initial delivery. You are responsible for ensuring someone is available for receipt of your order. Please email or call if you shall have any questions about our flowers and gifts. We will include gift cards, arrangement instructions and full care instructions with all orders.

Our delivery team guaranteed delivery time. Please be sure you include accurate delivery instructions and address when your shopping is complete. Delivery time is void when we are given an incorrect delivery address.

Remember, all of our beautiful cut flower bouquets will arrive in a specially prepared floral container or a vase if ordered, ready for the recipient to arrange in their own special way.

Unfortunately, there are some situations that are entirely out of our control and for which we cannot guarantee our products. These situations include:

    1)Severe Weather and Other Acts of God: If delivery is delayed because of inclement weather or delivery becomes unavailable to a particular location, we will do our best to inform you of the problem and make alternate arrangements for delivery if at all possible.
    2) Delivery Refused by Recipient: If the intended recipient refuses to accept the delivery, we cannot guarantee a refund if the package contains perishable goods such as flowers or food. If the package is returned to us and is in salable condition, we will refund your purchase price minus any additional fees incurred.
    3)Recipient Absent at Time of Delivery: If the recipient is not available at the time of delivery, and depending upon the delivery location, the delivery person may leave a message or secure the gift in a safe place for the recipient to retrieve when they return. Perishable goods can be harmed by extreme temperatures, and flowers in particular need to be cared for promptly upon arrival. If you are unsure that someone will be available to accept the delivery when it arrives, please use the "Special Instructions" box on the order page to specify a neighbor or other secure location where your package may be left. China Flowers Delivery Shop cannot be held responsible for packages damaged by exposure or neglect after delivery has been attempted.
    4)Incorrect or Incomplete Address Provided: China Flowers Shop cannot be held responsible for deliveries to incorrect or incomplete addresses once the customer has verified the receiving location as correct. If the recipient's address is incorrect and the delivery was attempted but refused, the address can be corrected and delivery reattempted for an additional fee. If we received an incorrect address and the delivery was made, the customer assumes responsibility for the entire purchase. Incomplete addresses, particularly those intended for delivery to offices or apartment buildings, can substantially delay delivery. We will attempt to contact you as soon as we are notified of any difficulty with delivery, and if you cannot be reached, we will attempt to contact the recipient to request a corrected address. There may be additional fees if delivery must be reattempted. The condition of perishable items cannot be guaranteed in any of the above circumstances.
    5)Packages Left in Offices or Mail Rooms: Products sent to businesses or buildings where deliveries must be made to a central mail room or receptionist may be delayed internally. Generally, these are inhospitable environments for perishable goods. Please ensure your recipient knows to expect a delivery so that your package may be cared for as soon as possible upon arrival.

About the delivery time:

In principle, we do not promise to provide delivery in certain specific time, such as in 10:23 (We can only promise to send in the morning or the afternoon on X day, or before X o'clock). However, if you have special requirement for delivery time, you can choose "in time deliver fee". We will send at your designated time plus or minus 15minutes. If there are some special reasons for delivery delays, such as traffic problems, unable contact with consignees and so on, we will not assume liability. For delivery in time, it is best to place an order earlier 1 to 2 days.

Special Note: in non-holiday period, we can provide specific time service, and designated consignee service in three hours.

Our delivery time for a normal day: 8:30-20:30. It will be required extra service fee for the rest time delivery.

In the day of some important festivals such as Christmas, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day, the Mid-Autumn Day, Mother's Day and so on, we cannot meet the needs for delivery in designated time. We can only promise to delivery in the same day.

About flowers and plants:

We can guarantee that flowers and plants are fresh, and gifts are of high quality!

Because fresh flower has seasonal nature and supply channels are variable, it may be unable to supply the kind of flower you choose. We may have to change the flower into alternative substitute. Of course, we will assure you that the substitute will be the same category, the same value and has the same effect. Firstly, we will certainly inquire of you via E-mail. If we do not get any response form you, we will think you agree with us.

On the other hand, you can demand to add more flowers or choose to change the color and the package.

People always have different understanding of the picture on our website, so we cannot say for sure the flowers and plants actually received are right the same with the picture. There may be somewhat differences. As plants (including bonsai) are growing non-stop, there will be also somewhat differences between the physical and online photo. Hope you can understand.

If we lose to deliver, because you provide wrong address or consignee refuses to accept, we can decide whether to deliver again.

If the consignee is not in the city in our list above, please contact us on line, and we will try our best to serve you! It is free for delivery in urban areas. If your order city is not in our "distribution scope", or far away from the urban areas, it may need additional freight. Please kindly contact us to help you. If we lose contact with you three days beyond delivery, we will cancel your order. Your payment will be automatically credited to your virtual accounts. After getting in touch with you again, we will return your payment.

If you have any questions regarding these exceptions, please call our customer service department at 86 20 3620 7933 or send an email to Remember, our service satisfaction guarantee is always honored.


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