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Satisfaction Guarantee
Shopping online with us @ assures you with high quality and value for money floral products. If you're not satisfied with our products, please contact us within 48 hours after the delivery, we will replace that with another one or make a refund to you.

Can I send flowers to Beijing from your website?
Yes. We send flowers whole China mainland including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Ningbo, Nanjing and more.
Why we need the recipient's phone number?
In order to deliver your flowers and gifts on time, please leave a correct the recipient's phone number when placing order. Sometime, the recipient is not at the place when we arrive, we will call and make an available delivery time with the recipient to complete the order delivery smoothly. Many problems came about no number phone or incorrect address.
Remarks: We will never give, lease or sell your personal information.
Is it safe to use credit card or Paypal on your website?
Yes. Because credit card payment or Paypal payment will be redirected to 3rd parties secure payment page, you'll enter your payment information there and make your payment in the secure environment.

We understand and have done whatever possible to  ensure that shopping with us online is perfectly safe. Your information will NOT be disclosed to  any other 3rd parties (except those necessary details for delivery).

How to order?
Just four steps to finish your order.
  • One : Select  the flowers (cake, gifts) you would like to send, add to Cart and click Checkout.
  • Two: fill messenger do as the pages suggest.
  • Three : Confirmation the infomation you filled above. And then continue with payment menthod you choice.
  • Four : Click Pay for your order.

  • How to Pay?

    1. Credit Card Online Payment
    Customer can select MoneyBookers. Please use MoneyBookers for your credit card payment if you do not have PayPal account. View How to pay with Credit Card?
    2. PayPal
    More detail visit Payment Methods.

    How to Repay my order?
    Please go to  Track Your Order or, Fill email address and order ID, then click "Repay".

    Can you provide Same Day delivery service?

    Yes, We provide Same Day Delivery service to  any location in China for orders placed before 3pm (Beijing time). If you would like to have the floral products delivered in the morning, we recommend that you place your order the day before. Please call our customer service hotline at (86) 20 3620 7933 if you have special request.

    Do the prices on your website include delivery charge?
    As a local China florist, we deliver to  any locations in China. All prices on our website  are in USD funds. We provide FREE DELIVERY throughout China. but if the recipient is in suburb, more US$ 5 ~ 20 will be needed as delivering fee.

    Why I should signup & buy?

    This is only for your own benefits, if you signup & buy by simply entering your Email, it makes the order processing easy and save your steps to check out and track your orders.

    When you first time shopping on our shop, our system will automatically create you a customer account using your signed up email address, every time you check out it will track your order into your account and updates your total order amount and times you ordered. When your total order amount reaches a certain value you'll get certain percent of discount, please read "About Discount" for more information. According to your order history you'll get other benefits as well.

    If you are an experienced online shopper, you might know that without an email address it's ‎not possible to shop online. It's just the matter of offering it earlier or later.  But if you offer it ‎earlier, that will benefit you and also saves your time.‎

    Your email address is safe with us, we don't share your email address with a third party. Please read our Privacy Statement for More information.

    About password protection
    You have choice to password protected or not to protect your account, you can see a password option in the check out page. If you password protect your account, system will save your personal information, you have choice to save your recipient information as well. Your information will be safely kept in our database and you can reach it when you check out or by logging in to Customer Service / My Account page by entering your password. (Please click on Customer Service to learn more about your account and other services).

    How do I password protect my account?
    When you check out you can see a password option in the top of the check out form. Otherwise if you want to set up password before check out or without checking out, you can click any of the password protected page buttons such us (My Account, My Orders, My Recipients, My Reminders) under Customer Service on the left navigation panel. It will shows you the set up password form, if you didn't set up your password yet.

    How do I change my Customer Email?
    - You are the person who currently sign up or logged in, and you want to use another ‎email address as your Customer Email, in this case, please click on My Account on the left ‎navigation panel under Customer Service. You can change your email and other details ‎there.‎

    Case2 - This is a family or public computer and you are not the person who currently signed ‎up or logged in, in this case, please click Logout or Signout button on the left navigation ‎panel under Customer Service, and then sign up with your own email address.‎

    How do I change my password?
    Please click on My Account on the left navigation panel under Customer Service. You can change your password and other details there.

    What if I forgot my account password?
    Simply click on the "Forgot Password" button beside the password box. In the popup forgot password window, click "Send" button. Our system uses encryption for passwords, System will reset you a new password and send it to your Customer Email box.‎

    If you forgot  your password ,and  did not get enough help from the system,  pls write to , or call us at +8620 3885 4022 we can remove the password for you right away.

    How to do when I request for change of delivery date?
    It is recommended that you notify us one day before the scheduled delivery date should you wish to  change the delivery date / time. We will do  our best to  assist you on these requests. However, three days advance notice is required for such requests during festive periods such as the Valentine's Day and the Mother's Day.

    In view of the instability of supply for special flowers such as Tulips, you are recommended to  notify us such changes two  days in advance of the delivery date so  that we can make sure that the flowers to  be delivered will be of the best quality.
    How to track my order status?
    You may use our online tracking tool (Track Your Order  keep track of the delivery status as well as details of your orders. Moreover, members of China Flowers Shop will be able to  retrieve their purchase history in our online store.

    Apart from the Online Tracking Tool we provide for you to  trace your order status, our Customer Service Managers are always ready to  help you.
          Tel: (86) 20 3620 7933
    About the pricing
    Apart from special occasions like the Valentine's Day, Secretary's Day and Mother's Day, our prices are steady as in the market. However, special weather conditions in China as well as in countries from where we are importing our flowers (e.g. the Netherlands, China, USA...etc.) may affect our supplies and our product prices may be changed as a result.

    Instructions for delivery

    To  make sure that delivery can be fulfilled as scheduled, please provide telephone (preferably mobile phone) numbers of both the sender and the recipients.
    Please do  not specify P.O. boxes or Lot Number as the delivery address.
    We will deliver our flower products as scheduled according to  instructions provided by our customers. In case the recipient is not available in the location as instructed by the sender, we will contact the recipient and then the sender by phone to  seek for instructions on redelivery.

    Flower supply & substitutions

    Weather condition is the major factor affecting flower supplies. Some of the flowers in our online store may not be available throughout the year.

    In case the main flower you have chosen are not available, our flower specialists will suggest to you alternative flowers. You may choose to  switch to  another flower type, change the delivery date or cancel the order.

    Moreover, based on professional judgment of our flower specialists, we will be using alternative matching flowers without affecting the overall package of the bouquet if the original matching flowers are not available as a result of weather / seasonal changes. To minimize disturbance to  our valued customers, we will only be confirming with you changes in main flowers but not in matching flowers.

    How do you deal with my informaiton when have placed order?
    We will not sell or give your details to anyone unless required by law. We will give you full control over emails we send out; and any other form of communication.

    TEL:86 20 3620 7933