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Legend Story of Preserved Flower

Preserved Flower, Eternal love

When the war spread to a small town in the south of Europe, a couple in love was about to leave each other. Boys was faced to brave and firm to participate in the final war for the protection of home and family. Girls knew that her beloved boy needs going through a baptism of fire and blood like a man. They knew more that the farewell might be like their fathers who can't go home any more. Boys and girls were reluctant to mention their future. They kissed goodbye with a smile with both hands reluctant to loosen tight for a long time, because they knew that their future is only in god's hands.

The boy left the girl just plucked from the garden with dew on the rose and red wax good letter. As the promise, girl opened the envelope after boy left. The boy told the girl, when the last petal of rose fell, it would be the time for her to forget him and begin her new life. Stubborn girl kept back the tears, and hold the roses in the flower vase, with hands folded in chest praying to god, every day, pray...

When sky news with the bloody war continually, those roses seemed to know the girl's mind. It had no the dew, no fresh extraction, and even the fragrance slowly died away. But there still came none information of the boy. Amazingly, the flowers in the flower vase weren't a petal falls off. Finally in the early morning of the day, tired boy, dressed in a triumph of the shirt, with sedimentary scar, came back to the girl's home. They spent a life hand in hand and never separated. And there still stood a bunch of dry rose.

Then, the legend of this couple beloved by the god is told by many generations. So far in Europe, as long as the boy and girl fall in love, they will hold a bunch of roses or put the petals in the bible with flowers that never die or live. They pray that they can be happy and lucky forever like them.

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