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How do Chinese Celebrate Easter?

As an important festival in the west, Easter falls on the first Sunday after the astronomical full moon, in honor of the resurrection of Jesus Christ on the third day following his crucifixion. In this case, are there any Chinese who also celebrate the festival?


“Chinese people celebrate the Tomb-sweeping Day instead of Easter.” Quoted.

The two festivals both fall in spring in that they share the same spirit, betokening the exuberance in which spring comes round, flowers bloom, grass burgeon and trees green.

Both the Tomb-sweeping Day and Easter embody individuals’ affection and praise for life.

“On the Tomb-sweeping Day, families go to sweep the tombs of their ancestors.” “People decorate the tombs of their ancestors with branches on the Tomb-sweeping Day.” “To memorize forefathers.” “To go on an excursion.” “To fly kites.” Quoted.

Therefore, the Tomb-sweeping Day and Easter are both festivals for family union.

However, the two festivals are also significantly different from each other. In terms of the source, the Tomb-sweeping Day is to offer sacrifices to and cherish the memory of ancestors, whereas Easter is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Chinese festivals are mostly related to mankind, while most western festivals are bound up with Jesus. Easter is of vital festive significance because it memorizes Jesus while indicating rebirth and hopes. In accordance with the US national policy, the Easter weekend plus the Friday prior to it is public holiday. All these demonstrate the difference between Chinese humane culture and western religious culture.

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