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Buying Flowers, and How to Match Them by Yourself?

Colors are an important factor of beauty, and in west, people pay special attention to the use of colors in flower arrangement. As we know, arranging flowers randomly may not produce beauty. Instead, the random arrangement may generate a restless feeling. Only through the coordinated arrangement can produce the beautiful visual effect. In the individual arrangement, we can choose colours according to their specific purpose. In other words, firstly we should choose the main flower and the major color. Then, there must be main color. Remember that different colors play different roles. The average distribution of colors is a taboo.

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Firstly, as for the distribution of the same tone on tone—using the same color, the collolation is quite simple and coordinated and harmonious.

The collocation of the dark and light red (the same color).

Secondly, it is the distribution of the analogous colors, that’s to say, it is the usage of how to choose tha analogous colors in color wheel, such as red—orange, or red—reddish violet—purple and so on. However, we must pick out the main color—it should serve as the focus, and other colors merely serve as a contrast.

The collocation of reddish violet—purple(the analogous colors)

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Next, as for the collocation of the contrasting colors—it refers to the combined color which is produced by the colors of the two diagonal lines. They consists of two sets of colors—one is the warm tone, the other the cold one, such as red—green, yellow—purple, and orange—blue.

The collocation of red and green(the contrasting colors)

Lastly, it is the collocation of the three isometric colors—when we put an equilateral triangle in the color wheel anywhere, it refers to the produced color of the corresponding colors of the three vertices, such as red—yellow-blue, and orange—green—purple and so on.

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