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Flower Delivery and Festival In China


On 25th December, Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus as well as the secular festival. Nowadays, Christmas usually takes poinsettia as its flower, including red, pink, white flowers. These flowers look like stars and angles falling into the world, meaning blessing. In this festival, the flower works could be made by poinsettia or artificial flowers with some candles, which are used to decorate environment and increase the festive atmosphere.

The Spring Festival

Spring festival is our traditional festival as well as the symbol of spring coming. Therefore, people often give chic small potted flower as a gift, such as primroses, prosperous, chrysanthemum, sowbread pouch and violet. You could also choose among dahlia, peony, daffodils, peach blossom, auspicious fruit, kumquat, kwame brown red and auspicious fruit, which are all stand for luck.

St. Valentine's Day

Each year on February 14, usually on Valentine's Day, a red rose is often given to express the affection between the lovers. Put a half-open red rose with a beautiful green leaf, and then place it in a transparent plastic bag of the single flower. Tie a beautiful bowknot in the lower part of flower stalk to form an exquisitely beautiful small bouquet which is regarded the best gift on Valentine's Day. The rose is one of the world's major gift flowers, meaning concentration, emotion and vigor. Rose has deep red, pink, yellow and white. The famous variety has Queen Elisabeth(red), first love(yellow).  Most of people give red roses on Valentine's Day.

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is on the second Sunday in May each year. Usually it takes in a large pink carnation for mother's day. Flower pink is the color of women. Carnation layer of petals is on behalf of the ceaseless feelings of mother to the child. Flowers can be sent by single, also can be sent by bouquet of flowers, or made into elegant chic flower arrangement. The red carnation is used to wish mother longevity and health. The yellow carnation is on behalf of gratitude for his mother. The pink carnation is to pray for mother beautiful young forever. Besides the above meaning of flower, the white carnation is also to express the mourning to the late mother.

Father's Day

Father's Day is on the third Sunday of June each year. It usually gives priority to yellow roses. In some countries, the yellow is regarded as the color of the male. In Japan, it must send white roses on father's day without specific branch number and any shape.กก

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