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Meaning of rose numbers in China

1 Rose:  You're my only love; love at first sight.
2 Roses:  Two peole world; a complete meeting of minds, be deeply attached to each other.
3 Roses:  I LOVE YOU
4 Roses:  Swear, Promise, a solemn pledge of love.
5 Roses:  Love my love, with no regret.
6 Roses:  Everything else goes smoothly.
7 Roses:  Happy encounter and endless wishes.
8 Roses:  Make up, everything goes well.
9 Roses:  The steadfast Love; Whatever together forever!
10 Roses:  You're perfect, perfect in every way; Sincerely.
11 Roses:  Heart and soul, best love of my heart.
12 Roses:  All my love; Good luck in the year; Mind act upon mind.
13 Roses:  Secret crush.
14 Roses:  Easy come, easy go.
15 Roses:  Young and beautiful.
16 Roses:  The color of love.
17 Roses:  Love never change.
18 Roses:  Best love, young and beautiful.
19 Roses:  Love forever.
20 Roses:  I will love you forever and love never change.
22 Roses:  In pairs and couples.
24 Roses:  Miss you 24 hours.
27 Roses:  Little darling wife.
29 Roses:  Love forever.
30 Roses:  Please accept my love, love you say nothing at all.
33 Roses:  Affectionately say "I love you", Love you for three generations and there lifetimes.
36 Roses:  Romance, all because of I have you.
44 Roses:  love you till my last breath.
48 Roses:  Affectionately love.
50 Roses:  Love my love, with no regret.
51 Roses:  You are the only one in my heart.
66 Roses:  Ture love never change, love is go on.
77 Roses:  Suggest or offer marriage.
88 Roses:  I will try hard to recompense everything wrong.
99 Roses:  Love you enduring as long as the sky and earth.
100 Roses:  A harmonious union lasting 100 years; Hold your hand and with you I will grow old.
101 Roses:  You're my only love, love forever.
108 Roses:  Marry me!
110 Roses:  Endless love
111 Roses:  I love you all my life.
144 Roses:  love you for the rest of my life
365 Roses:  Miss you everyday, love you everyday.
999 Roses:  Love you enduring as long as the sky and earth, endless love.
1000 Roses:  Love you thousand years
1001  Roses:  Forever!


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